Message from the President

Dear Business Partners,

The fact that the cold slows down activation of micro-organisms is well known, therefore it is the healthiest storage solution to store food for a long period of time. Cold storage and the cold chain sector provide country economies a vast income. This sector that protects the producer, consumer and the traders contributes 50 billion Euros to Turkey’s economy.

Having celebrated its 20th year in the sector last year, Cantek has not only become the largest facility in Turkey in this time period, it also made a distinguished name for itself in Europe. Cantek became an entity that realizes commitments of great importance in Africa, Russia and Turkic republics.

There is a saying in industrialism; “An industrial product matures in 15 years.” In order to create added value to our sector as well as production of our refrigeration system, which has been maturing since our 15th year, we are focused on the subject of Electronic Control Systems.  These products with our own software and hardware have enabled us to take over the operation of thousands of cold storages and complete our experience.

The final product of our endeavours is “Intelligent Refrigeration Systems” accomplished as a result of all the experiences of our field and engineering units.

These control units, defined in cooling literature as the contribution of a Turkish firm from Antalya, provides a high-quality cold environment as well as making energy savings of 30% to 60%.  As the cost of energy paid to cold storages in Turkey is 1 billion Euros per year, the new generation of intelligent systems will contribute savings of 300 Million Euros per year to Turkey’s economy.

If you take into consideration Antalya Organized Industrial Zone’s annual electricity consumption is calculated as 12 million Euros, you will better understand the scale of added value provided. 25 units of the new generation Intelligent Refrigeration Systems is able to save enough energy to meet the annual energy consumption of the Organized Industrial Zone. We love our country. We believe and have confidence in our people and in our team. In order to share these extraordinary results, Cantek has embarked on an extraordinary sponsorship. Cantek carried their flag to the top of the world by sponsoring Nasuh Mahruki and Yılmaz Sevgül’s Everest Expedition

We decided our R & D activities and sponsorships would continue until both the consumers and the public learn the slogan ‘Use your energy wisely’ by heart.

Nasuh Mahruki is the first Muslim and Turk to reach the top of the world and the first Turk who holds the title Snow Leopard. This legendary climber who uses his energy in the best way handed over our flag from the summit of Mt. Everest to Yasemin Dalkılıç who is known to be the best in female category for using energy in the most efficinet way as a world champion in free diving and one of the all time greats in this sport with her 9 World Records.

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