Quality Management System

Since 2002, Cantek has been implementing EN ISO 9001 standards and Total Quality Management methods in order to achieve the demands of current and future customers in changing competitive conditions, to harmonize the existing system with modern management systems to meet expectations, to ensure all functions of institutionalization and to reach optimum efficiency values in processes.

To become a sought after and recognized brand beyond the borders of our country, to be an intense competitive production structure and an organization with an understanding of service has always been our principle and goal.

Since its establishment in 1999 till this day, as a whole with all its employees, with continuous development, its acquired production skill,  it has aimed to please all its customers across world markets, have a management and production structure able to rapidly respond to customer expectations with flexible manufacturing capabilities.

Accepting the importance of customers’ needs and expectations, aiming for their satisfaction, providing a happy and secure future for our employees, is our method and management style for all of our employees.

Wide ranges of products, the continuity of its experienced and specialized teams at all levels, continuous development of its process ability according to the changing market are the basic elements of our understanding of work.

We believe continuous training and the participation and contribution of our employees in a healthy environment open to communication will ensure the quality of production and management and allow us to continue forward. In order to maintain our production and management activities we apply planned and systematic programmes by continuously improving in accordance with Quality Management System and international standards. By doing so we aim to achieve customer satisfaction as well as creating a safe future for our employees. We continue to execute all our Quality System endeavours in line with our above-mentioned principles.

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