What is a Clean Room?

A clean room is one or more working environments established for research and production, free from airborne particulate concentration and other particles, where business-specific pollutants are kept under control and humidity controls are provided. In order to provide the desired level of cleanliness, the ventilation system, the tools used and the user's input and output of the environment must be controlled. In addition, clean room workers use special clothing.
There are different types of clean rooms and they need different filtration and air conditioning solutions for their intended use. Appropriate design and project planning is made in line with the room's field of activity, cleaning class and usage requirements.

In clean room systems, air quality is controlled and particle and microorganism density is reduced to a minimum. Pressure, humidity and temperature can be adjusted. Since the air entering the rooms is kept under constant control with HEPA filters, microorganisms in industrial areas are prevented from harming people or products. Clean room systems, health institutions, medical device production, medical production, biology, biotechnology, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, science and R&D laboratories, agriculture-food industry, space-defense technologies, automotive, photo printing-magnetic media products, It is used in the laser, optics, solar-powered devices and computer manufacturing industries.

Clean rooms consist of elements that can be put together easily and quickly. It is constructed from material selections that do not produce particles and are easily cleaned. In addition, it should not produce dust, do not contain indentations, be resistant to impacts and scratches, airtightly sealed, edge and corner joints should be in a rounded form, and the floor should be jointless, when necessary, antistatic and conductive. The walls consisting of panels are designed by combining materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or glass, and facilities with different design understandings are designed in line with user requests.

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