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Fish Processing Facilities

Balık İşleme Tesisi
Balık İşleme Tesisi
Balık İşleme Tesisi
Balık İşleme Tesisi

In 1970, the total global fish production was 60 million tonnes, 57 million tonnes of which was from capture fisheries and 3 million from aquaculture. The current total fish production is 170 million tonnes, 95 million tonnes of which are from capture fisheries and 75 million tonnes from aquaculture. The global per head fish consumption is over 20 kilos thanks to the dynamic growth in aquaculture all around the world. Therefore, storing fish, which is a significant source of food and income for hundreds of millions of people around the world, with the most appropriate methods in increasingly gaining importance.

CANTEK produces facilities where all kinds of seafood from marine and freshwater wild capture fisheries or fish farms are processed. With extensive experience in fishing industry and aquaculture resources, an expert team and educational publications, CANTEK developed countless projects and established facilities all around world for processing the following seafood:

  • Farmed fish such as seabass, seabream, trout
  • Marine capture fish such as mackerel, sardine, tunafish
  • Fresh water capture fish such as carp, trout, catfish
  • Seafood such as prawn, calamari, octopus, mussel, oyster

Processing and storing seafood correctly can only be possible in modern, technological, environment-friendly and efficient facilities.

Cantek offers modern, technological, eco-friendly and efficient solutions for red meat to be processed appropriately. Developing tailor made projects in all sizes and based on user expectations, CANTEK produces fish processing facilities in the most suitable features for its users. With its expert team in fishing industry, Cantek single-handedly provides services of project designing, production, installation, servicing, warranty and follow-up of facilities. Besides this, the company provides efficiency for facilities thanks to its cooling technology providing energy savings up to 71%.

Cantek has a wide range of products and services such as producing canned, smoked or frozen seafood, fish drying, long-term storage facilities, fishmeal and fish feed facilities. The company provides consultancy service, develops projects and undertakes facility installation all around the world.