Modern and hygienic slaughterhouses specially designed for slaughtering, pre-cooling and shredding poultry are easily transportable as they are in a 40' container. Processing units can also be added to the container slaughterhouse at your request. Cold storage solution can be offered in an additional container.
After production, it is shipped to any location you may desire, ready for use. It can be easily commissioned without needing to be assembled. With an approximate capacity of 100 heads per hour, poultry container slaughterhouses are extremely practical and economical for anyone who performs small-scale slaughter in different locations.

  • Containerized system complete with slaughter equipment
  • 40’ HC container
  • Slaughter capacity: 100 pieces per hour
  • PU panel wall cladding
  • Ready for use complete with electrical, lighting and mechanical installations
  • Cooling and ventilation system
  • Stainless slaughter tunnel
  • Feather softening; plucking - drum type
  • Poultry slaughtering and packaging departments
  • Pre-cooling room
  • Special design and equipment configuration according to user request
  • Fast shipping; easy commissioning

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