Offal is one of the most important parts of animals and certainly needs to be fully utilized. The offal processing plant produced container form has been specially designed for the separation and processing of internal organs after slaughter. It can be used for cattle and sheep and goats. Since it is in a 40' container, it can be conveniently transported and set up directly next to the mobile slaughterhouse or at any desired location.

After production, it is shipped to any location you desire, ready for use. It can be easily commissioned without needing to be assembled. It is extremely practical and economical for anyone who performs small-scale slaughter in different locations. Complete containerized system, slaughter equipment, dual rail and support materials.

  • 40’ HC container
  • Organ sorting and washing table
  • Paunch lifting mechanism
  • Paunch cleaning capsule with a capacity of 40-50 kg
  • Foot cleaning capsule with a capacity of 200 kg
  • Trolley, water gun, knife sterilization
  • PU sandwich panel wall cladding
  • Ready for use complete with electrical, lighting and mechanical installations
  • Installed hygiene equipment (sinks, knife sterilizers)
  • Special design and equipment configuration according to user request
  • It does not require infrastructure. Fast shipping, easy commissioning.

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