Modular cold rooms are prefabricated structures which can be easily installed at any desired location and conveniently moved to different places whenever desired. The floor, ceiling and wall panels are interlocked. It is easy to ship and install, even by the user. As its structure consists of sandwich panels, it is very light, but extremely durable. Since it can be produced to the desired size, it offers solutions for many areas of use.
It provides a cost-effective frozen or cold storage solution for small businesses such as restaurants, boutique hotels, butchers, markets.


• Fast and easy installation with interlock system
• Polyurethane density 40-42 kg / m³
• Coating materials do not contain toxic substances
• The floors of poly and PVC rooms are covered with 12 mm thick non-slip plywood material.
• Stainless room floors are covered with stainless sheet over 12 mm plywood.
• Room lighting
• Possibility to open from the inside although the door locks are locked from the outside
• Door clear passages 700 * 1850 mm


• Glazed door
• Hygienic plastic corner profile
• Mono-bloc split refrigeration machines
• Stacking pallets
• PVC strip curtain
• Sliding door
• Partition wall

Our other standard products are listed below. We can undertake special production for different sizes. Please contact us for further details.


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