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Cold Storage Control Systems

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Cold storage is essentially a simple structure. Along with technology and its benefits used for cold storage, features highlighting an efficient cold storage facility that provides its users with maximum benefits are designing project correctly, quality of equipment and correct installation.

Cantek created an R&D team many years ago in order to use opportunities of advancing technologies on its products. The purpose of creating this unit is to seek technological innovations that will bring benefits to users. Thanks to its R&D focused engineering, Cantek soon brought innovations shaping our world.

There are hardly any cold storage companies that produce its own controllers in the world. Through its successful R&D activities, Cantek developed and began to produce its controllers within its in-house facilities just like the company’s all other cooling equipment. This technology and its outcomes were launched under the brand name, Octopush Technology.

What is Octopush Technology?
Octopush is a storage management technology developed by Cantek. This technology maximises cold storage performance and efficiency, maintains product quality in the most effective way along with an incomparable energy saving. Octopush enables users to measure and analyse cold storage values, so that they can manage their cold storage facility with modern methods. FOR DETAILS OCTOPUSH.COM.TR

Cold Storage Control Systems

While you store your products in cold storage to keep their fresh-like characteristics, thanks to CONTROLLERS WITH SMART and LEARNING ALGORITHM, you will:


 a) Achieve energy savings up to 71% in energy consumption in your cold storage.

Our TÜV Rheinland certified controllers:

  • instantly identifies cold storage needs through its smart system.
  • do not go into unnecessary defrost (the process of melting ice collected on the evaporator using heat).
  • do not run the compressor unnecessarily.
  • uses the cooling potential of the evaporator to the full without running the compressor.
  • regain the moisture stuck on the evaporator back to cold room
  • provide fast cooling when needed.
  • do not waste energy offering extraordinary energy savings, which vary in the range of 30 to 71% depending on the method of use in a constantly operating cold storage.

Cold Storage Control Systems

 b) monitor and manage remotely all the data, and find out how much you spend in your cold storage

  • You can have access to all processes of your cold storage facilities all around the world in real time.
  • You can view dozens of important variables, such as heat and pressure variables, humidity rates, door-opening frequencies, and compressor running time.
  • Parameter adjustment is possible, and you can obtain information of the previous data.
  • You can measure different performances of your cold storage at different times, compare them and take measures based on these differences.
  • You can monitor and manage your cold storage entirely using just a mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • You can view the electricity consumption of cold rooms in kilowatt and price.
  • You can view all cold storage data as periodic reports.

Cold Storage Control Systems

 c) Let us monitor your cold storage rooms from our Cantek Monitoring Centre and alert you instantly when a problem occurs (upon your approval).

  • Upon your approval, we monitor your cold storage facilities 24/7 anywhere in the world, and keep track of all variables.
  • We give you an alert via text message, email and by phoning, if necessary, in case of sudden contingencies, such as abrupt changes in heat and humidity, doors left open, compressor breakdown and excessive electricity use.
  • We enable you to take immediate action with our alerts to prevent any further damages to your cold rooms.
  • We remind you of maintenance times, and keep an account of all of the troubles retrospectively.