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Farminova plant factories were launched

Plant factories, which are the latest revolution in global agriculture, are production facilities where continuous, healthy and non-polluting agriculture can be achieved with LED lighting and indoor plant nutrition. On 2 February 2020, we had the press launch of our plant factory Farminova, the largest operational facility in Europe, and introduced our factory, which is an indicator of the agriculture of the future, around the world. 

Thanks to the production system which we have developed, it is no longer a dream to do risk-free, easy, efficient and profitable agriculture in an enclosed space for 365 days, anytime and anywhere, without being affected by external conditions. We can produce the same product in the North Pole and Kenya, in the same way and with the same flavor. We obtain the yield you obtain from 20 decares of greenhouse on an area of 1 decare with plant factories, and what is more, this with environmentally friendly and healthy technology …