We talked about the importance of food management on digital platforms during the pandemic process

As Cantek, we attend at least 20 events every year and emphasize the importance of food management. The current period has led us to transmit our messages in a much stronger way, but only via digital communication platforms (Web, social media, e-bulletin, mailing…). During this time, we posted messages on an average of once a week, and we will continue to do so. Because we should all be aware that for the future of the world:

For a consumer, the greatest strength is to have consistent access to healthy and hygienic food. For a food producer, the greatest strength is the availability of the products in their cold storage which retain the freshness of the very first day for a long time. For a state, the greatest strength is to provide its people with appropriate food under all circumstances. All of this is only possible with correct food storage and processing policies.